Houston...We have a Problem...

Supreme Legends USA prides itself on having the highest quality billet aftermarket products available to the Harley and metric cruiser marketplace. We, like any other business, sometimes have to put our trust in the hands of others in order to accomplish the goals of our business. When expectations are not met, not only do our customers suffer, but we as a business suffer as well -- not only in financial terms, but also in the the relationships with you, our valued customers.

Without a great deal of unnecessary explanation, let us apologize for not providing you, our customers, with the same level of quality on our website that we deliver day in and day out on our products. We offer an industry-leading 18 month warranty because we not only believe in our products, but also because we believe that you, the customer, deserve the higest quality product you can expect, with no excuses.

With you in mind, we are completely reconstructing our web site to provide the online experience we believe that you deserve. The delay in going live is directly related to having to completely rebuild our data for the site from scratch, after two unsucessful attempts by our prior webmaster to build our site.

To place an order, get technical support or just voice your opinion, please call (714) 504-0715.

To e-mail us, please click here. A new window will pop up in your email client. Please do not email us to tell us about our web site--we know. Email us with tech questions, sales questions, etc. We promise to get back to you in 24 hours or less.